Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for Candradimuka Field Exploration Drilling Infrastructure

  • Project Name

    Pekerjaan Jasa Konsultan Perencanaan Teknis Infrastruktur Pengeboran Ekplorasi Lapangan Candradimuka Untuk Kebutuhan Perizinan dan Pembebasan Lahan

  • Client PT. Geo Dipa Energy (Persero)
  • Location Central Java
  • Time Frame 2022
  • Scope of work

    Topography and Geotechnical Survey at Access Route, Well Pad, Basecamp & Laydown, Soil Disposal, and Bridge Assessment Area. Geotechnical Surveys Consist of 14 Points of DCP, 5 Points of CPT, and 3 Points of Hand Boring Included Soil Laboratory Tests. Assessment of the Bridge Survey Consist of the visual inspection condition value, Hammer Test, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) Test, Steel Hardness Test, and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (UTG) Test. River Current Measurement was performed at water intake  support area.

    Project Main Deliverables is to Provide FEED Design Such As Well Pad (Two Area), Drilling Water Supply from water intake to Well Pad Area, Geometric and pavement design for the access route to Well Pad area (Including Bridge assessment), basecamp and laydown layout.