PT. Angkasa Pura II (Persero) with WIKA-NSE KSO Completed The Improvement of Airside Facilities at Banyuwangi Airport

01 Apr 2022

BANDUNG - Initially, Banyuwangi Airport was named Blimbingsari Airport. It is related to the location of the airport, which is in the Blimbingsari Village area, Rogojampi District, Banyuwangi Regency. Based on the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia Decree Number KP 830 of 2017, Blimbingsari Airport changed to Banyuwangi Airport until now.  

The Banyuwangi Airport development process is carried out in stages. In the early stages of construction in 2015, the runway was only 900 meters long and 23 meters wide. Two years later, in 2007, the length of the runway was increased to 1,400 meters, followed a year later by the construction of a runway widening from 23 meters to 30 meters. After that, development continued until 2018 Banyuwangi Airport has a runway length of 2,250 meters.  

Due to the anticipation of an increasing number of passengers and the trend of airlines' use of aircraft by airlines for domestic flights using aircraft types B737-900ER and A320, in 2018 PT. Angkasa Pura II (Persero), as the operator of Banyuwangi Airport, held a project on widening and extending the Banyuwangi Airport runway using the Design & Build method, with NSE as the planning consultant and PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) as the implementing contractor.  

Runway extensions have been carried out on both sides, where the direction of TH 08 is 115 meters long, and TH 26 is 85 meters long. In addition, the runway widening has also expanded from 30 meters to 45 meters. With the extension and widening of the runway, it is hoped that Banyuwangi Airport will be able to serve B737-900 and A320 aircraft.  

In addition to the increasing number of passenger flights, the success of developing Banyuwangi Airport can also be seen in the opening of international routes. With that, Banyuwangi Airport now has the status of an international airport.  

This statement is proven by the first landing of an international flight of Citilink airline using an Airbus-320 on December 19, 2018, carrying 180 passengers on the Kuala Lumpur-Banyuwangi flight route.  

And currently, Banyuwangi Airport is listed as the second International Airport in East Java, after Juanda International Airport.